An Alphalicious BTS Post

Hi there chicas!

Its MHC (MassieHeartsChanel) here! Everyone knows that school is starting and may havge started already for you right? Everyone loves summer and is totally bummed that it’s over but school doesn’t always have to be a bad thing! You can start of a great new school year is by BTS Shopping duh!

This new school years fashion includes:

Loose tank tops

Peter Pan and all collars


High waisted shorts and skirts

Animal print loafers

Jack Roger Sandals

Monogrammed tote bags

Kate Spade bags

Essie’s Bikini So Teeny Nail Polish (I know that isnt really clothes but still is ah-dorbs!)

Braided belts

Denim shirts

Cartier Love Bracelet


But clothes aren’t all you need to create an amzing school year!

You need to be organized. You don’t want a locker that when you open it a mountain of stuff falls on you. First you need an agenda. It makes remembering homework way easier so just write down all your assignments. Don’t make your class notes messy either. It can still be cute and neat by writing smaller in glitter gel pens. Make sure its an uber cute notebook too! If you’re going to forget something put it on your favorite color sticky note and stick it on your locker door. Stick all your pencils in a pretty pencil case so they aren’t scattered around in your tote bag or backpack. Stick all your papers that don’t have a place in either a folder or a paper protecter in your binder. Here are some cute school supplies:


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Everyone want to make their locker cute right? If you can’t paint it this is what you still can do:

Decorate it like a tiffany box by putting up tiffany blue locker wall paper, hand up white bows and put in white mirrors. If you don’t want a theme then just put up mirrors, white boards, dry erase markers, marker bins, locker shelves, etc. If you need help with decorating your locker with a theme or even without one then postit in a comment or send something into our help hotlines.

Even as an alpha you still need to be smart right? Right! You have to study and I’m not joking. Math test on friday and it’s wednesday study tonight too! Study for at least a half  hour or more wednesday night AND thursday night.  If you don’t do very well academically in school then I suggest getting a tutor in your worst subjects and studying more. You can even start aiming at a C+ or mostly in the B’s and start going higher into the A’s. Straight A’s are almost always rewarded 😉

Be kind to EVERYONE. Even the LBR’s until you get your friends and start your clique and raise to be the most popular alpha in your grade. If there already is one don’t be afraid to be a LITTLE competitive and try to get up there yourself.  When you have all that still be kind to everyone but when someone picks a fight and isn’t being nice back then don’t be afraid to snap back at them but don’t insult them to tears and ruin their life. Even if you can 😉

Follow these steps and your school year will be guh-reat x100!!!!!

It’s time for Bean’s walk I must go now but another owner of the blog will be back next week with another ah-mazing post!

 Kiss kiss! Kiss kiss!



A Summer You’ll Never Forget

Hey lovely alphas!

It’s XOXOAliciaHeartsYou here!  Now I know I was surprised myself to see that it’s already August.  It feels like summer has gone so quickly, and I’m sure the other girls are feeling the same way.  Well I’m here to tell you that the rest of August (or however long you have left until school starts) can be more than enough time to do anything this summer that you haven’t done yet.

I still haven’t checked everything off of my Summer2k12 bucket list yet.  If any of you lovelies made one and haven’t finished either, go finish it!  It makes the days more fun and you’ll definitely feel accomplished knowing that you were able to do everything that you wanted to do.  If you didn’t make one, do something that you have always wanted to do during the summer.  For me, I’ve always wanted to tape painted-filled balloons to a huge canvas and throw darts at it to make a ‘random masterpiece’.  I had a lot of fun doing it, and I think I would’ve regretted not doing that if I hadn’t done it before school starts.

Here’s my bucket list (I think I forgot a few…) :

[√ ]Ride a few roller coasters

[√]Order from Chipotle in Spanish (I got my tacos for free for doing this! haha)

[ ]Dip-dye my hair

[√ ]Have Sundae Sundays for an entire month

[ ]Learn the song Disaster by JoJo on guitar

[√ ]Get a job interview

[ √]Learn to talk with a British accent and have it sound good

[ √]Tape paint-filled balloons to a canvas and throw darts at it

[ ]Go camping in my backyard

[ √]Go to the state fair

[ ]Draw an infinity-heart on my wrist with sharpie

[√ ]Have a silly string fight with friends

[ ]Buy water guns for Senior Tag

When you look back at the things that have happened this summer, you should feel good and be able to smile about them.  Family vacations, parties, pools, shopping with friends…all of the memories.  No regrets.  It should be a summer that you’ll never forget.

So now it’s your turn to go do anything before summer’s over.  Always wanted to talk to that guy you’ve been eyeing? Talk to him.  Didn’t have time to throw that party? Do it.  Don’t let the thought of school starting soon get in the way, but make sure you are prepared when school does start.

Don’t forget to enter our Polyvore Contest on our “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall” Page! You’ll get shout out’s on all of our blogs and your Polyvore set displayed for everyone to admire! Make it summer-y and get it to us before August 31st 🙂

Keep on Alpha-ing♥



“The Help Hotline!”

From Molly: Hi girls! I am in need of help! I am going to an end of summer party next week, and I need something new to wear! Most of my friends are wearing sundresses with sandals. I want to wear that too, but I don’t have a ton of money to buy something expensive! Any ideas…?

Hey Molly, it’s XOXOAHY here.  If you want to wear a sundress like your friends and only have a little bit of money to get one, I know Kohl’s and Target has some really cute ones that aren’t expensive at all.  You could also try Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, or any department store. There are so many places to get cute sundresses and sandals without having to spend a lot on them.  And if you don’t want to have to buy something completely new, you could always create a “new to you” outfit right from your closet by wearing cute clothes that you normally wouldn’t pair together.  Hope I helped! (:

Dial A For Alpha.

Welcome Alphas!

You all are viewing this blog because you heart The Clique and love to role-play. Dial A for Alpha is a twist on the original role-play blog, it’s completely dedicated to advice. The five girls who run it will simply blog about all of the things they are currently hearting, answer questions, report trends, and improve the WordPress community. While we all own our own blogs individually, we wanted a place where we could combine all of our ideas as well as listen to some of yours.

We will post a couple times a week and our most important goal is hearing some of the things you are liking or need advice on. That’s what our “The Help Hotline!” page is for. Feel free to ask questions there or even submit an idea for an upcoming post. We will always address all of the questions or suggestions so this blog is completely dedicated to the Alphas of WordPress; You!

Take a moment to look at our pages, enter our Polyvore contest, and get to know our blog better! Our next post will be completely dedicated to the end of Summer because I’m sure we are all so sad it will be ending soon. Also, our first Polyvore contest will end on September 1st so get your entries in!

Keep on Alpha-ing♥