The Help Hotline!

Do you seriously need some help? A major problem awn your hands? Ask below and one of our Alphas will get on it, STAT!

Our Answers:

From Molly: Hi girls! I am in need of help! I am going to an end of summer party next week, and I need something new to wear! Most of my friends are wearing sundresses with sandals. I want to wear that too, but I don’t have a ton of money to buy something expensive! Any ideas…?
Hey Molly, it’s XOXOAHY here.  If you want to wear a sundress like your friends and only have a little bit of money to get one, I know Kohl’s and Target has some really cute ones that aren’t expensive at all.  You could also try Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, or any department store. There are so many places to get cute sundresses and sandals without having to spend a lot on them.  And if you don’t want to have to buy something completely new, you could always create a “new to you” outfit right from your closet by wearing cute clothes that you normally wouldn’t pair together.  Hope I helped! (:

From Megan: The new school year for me is going to start soon and of course I’ll need new shoes. I’ve already got my Nike Airmaxes for gym, but I need casual shoes and flats. I need to know which shoes and flats to get. The only colors I can use are navy, black, white, brown, and possibly beige. (school dress code.) Please reply ay-sap! -Megan.
Hey Megan! It’s MBL here! Some really cute style of shoes right now are boat shoes and flats. These will be perfect for your uniform because they cover your feet which is generally a rule. Sperry’s are the perfect boat shoes to get because they come in many colors and are even customizable. They are expensive though so invest in a pair you’ll wear for a very long time. For flats, try and focus on the details. Flats with flowers, bows, buckles, and capped toes are so cute and definitely dress code appropriate. For you, I would suggest investing in many pairs of flats since they are easy to find, relatively cheap, and will never go out of style. Try some of your basics like Payless and Shoe Carnival but to get a more high end look for a cheaper price, try Target, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, and Forever 21. Good luck!

From Kenzi:  I know its typical of lots of teenagers, (even alphas!), But I feel like I’m not as pretty as my friends. Please Help!
Hey Kenzi! MBL here 🙂 It’s kind of funny how that works because we normally don’t think we’re pretty because we are up close and personal in the mirror every day! We’re obviously not going to think that our face is flawless because we have taken time over the years to notice everything we dislike about it. If you’re feeling insecure, try some things that make YOU feel pretty in your own skin! Try some natural looking makeup to highlight your features like your eyes, lips, and cheek bones. You can also wear your hair certain ways to accentuate your face shape in a positive way. The best thing to killer confidence is finding looks that make you feel like a million bucks, so spend some time in the mirror and try some new things! You’d be amazing at how fresh and fun a new makeup or hairstyle can be. The prettier you feel, the prettier you’ll seem to others 🙂


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