Relax and Have an At-Home Spa Day

Hola Lovely Alphas!

XOXOAHY here! (:

So it’s the end of December, between Christmas and New Year’s.  Some of us are on winter break from school, which means we now have a lot of time to hang out and relax.  But sometimes it’s hard to relax while at home and not out at a spa.  So here are a few things that you could do to help  create your own mini at-home spa day.

None of these are in a specific order and there’s always more than just these few things…Remember, these are just a few suggestions.

The most obvious thing to do is give yourself a manicure and pedicure.  It’s an easy way to relax and be creative with your nail design.  Just don’t forget to soak your cuticles or put lotion on them before pushing them back.  It could damage them if you don’t.

Deep conditioning you hair is also a great thing to do for your spa day, and it could really help your hair.  Just apply a deep conditioner to your dry hair, coating it thoroughly.  If your hair is in desperate need of conditioning, it will soak up the conditioner quickly, and you should re-apply the deep conditioner. Repeat this process until your hair is soaked with conditioner. In most cases, three applications will do the trick. Now place a shower cap over your hair, leaving the conditioner in from a half hour to 2 hours (depending on how much your hair needs conditioned).  Then just take the cap off, rinse the conditioner out with cold water, and your hair should be more healthy and conditioned.

One of the things I find most relaxing is taking a hot bath or jacuzzi.  To make it more day spa-esque, you could add some soothing, essential oils to the water. You could maybe even get some pretty flowers(such as the ones in the picture above) and let them float on top of the water.  Lighting either my favourite scented candles or aromatherapy candles and placing them around my jacuzzi bath also helps me to relax…but that’s just me.

Steam facials are wonderful.  They really open up your pores and help clear them out.  All you have to do is boil some water and pour in into a large bowl or your bathroom sink. Then drape a towel over your head and sit with your head over the steaming water. You don’t have to put your face completely over the water, just enough (as in the picture above) so that the steam can reach your face.  Do this for about five to ten minutes.

Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize your skin.  It’s so important to do so in order to keep your skin healthy.

Enjoy your relaxation time!

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The Alpha’s Guide to Black Friday

Hola mis amigas!

XOXOAHY or XOXOAliciaHeartsYou here!

So Thanksgiving is coming up for those of us in the States.  Which means Black Friday is also coming up.  All of those sales are great, because that just means you can buy more gifts for friends and family for the holidays that December brings.

I always use Black Friday as the first day of the gift giving season.  It’s the first day that I start buying gifts for people.  But sometimes thinking of gift ideas isn’t too easy.  So I’m here to help give all of you a few gift ideas for different people.

First up: Parents.

Generally, parents are the easiest to figure out gifts for.  Or at least my parents are the easiest for me to buy something for.  A lot of parents just love to get homemade things as presents…cards, coupons for help around the house, poem books, etc.  Others would rather have something from a store.  Some ideas for moms are: cute necklaces or bracelets, watches, flowers, or something that has a meaning behind it.  Ideas for dads include: CD’s that he wanted, DVD’s, a trip to the golf course(if he likes golf), or other things similar to these.

Next up: Best Friends.

If you know your best friends well, then you usually know what to get them.  But if you’re stuck, here’s a few ideas:

                • Makeup
                • Favourite books (clique books! LOL)
                • Nail polish
                • Starbucks giftcards (I have about 10 from so many friends)
                • Jewelry

Or if you and your bestie share a few inside jokes, use those as the inspiration for their gift.  Like, for example, my friend Kaylyn is secretly obsessed with Snoopy and Charlie Brown characters.  So for her Christmas present last year, I got her a set of 4 Snoopy and Charlie Brown drinking mugs.  She laughed so hard when she saw them because I was the only one who knew she was obsessed with those characters.

Last but not least: Boys.

In my past experiences, guys are the hardest people for me to come up with gift ideas for.  But I’ve figured out that it honestly just depends on the guy.  If he likes movies, put together a gift set that has one or two movies, a small box of popcorn, and a box of candy.  I’m sure he’ll love it.  If he likes a specific sport or sports team, you could maybe get him something that has to do with that sport or team, like tickets to a game.  CD’s, concert tickets, and gift cards always work, too.  If he’s a special guy, like a boyfriend or even just an incredibly close friend, you could find a small picture of the two of you and put it in a small picture frame for him.

I really hope I helped you get an idea or two if you were stuck on what to get people.  If you need any more ideas, don’t be afraid to email me or comment on this post.

Heart you!, XOXOAHY

Fall Fever

Hola, lovelies!

XOXOAliciaHeartsYou here!  So glad to be writing for DialA once again.  So yesterday was the first day of October, and you all know what that means.  It’s Fall…Autumn…whichever one you call it.  It’s finally here!  Which means it’s time to bring out those sweaters and boots and put away the shorts and bandeaus until next year.  Personally, my favourite fall fashion trends are equestrian inspired boots and leather jackets.  But if you want to read more about the rest of the fall trends, be sure to read the previous post from MassieBlockLove.

Now with a new season comes new decor, of course.  Faux leaves, scarecrow statues, and pumpkins.  Right now, my house is beginning to fill up with halloween decorations as well.  I’m loving all of the jack-o-lanterns, candy corn and ghost inspired decorations.  Every time I see them it makes me feel like Halloween is even closer than it actual is.  Especially when I smell the aroma of pumpkin pie, candy corn, or pumpkin caramel latte each time I walk through my house(thank you Yankee Candles, White Barn Co., and Slatkin & Co.).  I absolutely love it!

Speaking of lattes, has anyone tried Starbucks’ Pumpkin Caramel Latte yet?  What about their Salted Caramel hot chocolate or Salted Caramel Mocha?  I’m obsessed with the Pumpkin Spice Creme Frappuccino…it’s an ah-mazing fall drink for all of you non-coffee drinkers.  Any of these are perfect for those “I just want to curl up in a cozy blanket” kind of days.  It might just be me, but when I’m having those kinds of days, I don’t want to have to get up and drive all the way to a Starbucks just to enjoy one of those undeniably delicious drinks.  So I have a recipe(almost identical to the real one) for their Pumpkin Spice Latte for you lovelies to enjoy:

2 cups milk

2 tablespoons canned pumpkin

1 to 2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1 to 2 shots espresso, which is about 1/4 cup of espresso or 1/2 cup of strong brewed coffee

Whipped cream(to put on top)

First, whisk together the milk, pumpkin and sugar.  Then cook on medium heat, stirring it until it steams. Remove from heat, then stir in the vanilla and pumpkin pie spice.  Pour that into a blender and blend for about 15 to 20 seconds.  Next you can either pour it into a mug and add the espresso/coffee shot on top under the whipped cream, or blend in the coffee shot and then pour it into a mug and add whipped cream.  I like it both ways, but it’s your choice!  I hope you enjoy it!

Last but not least: fall makeup trends and makeup tips!  I’ve been seeing(and using) so many brown smoky eyes lately.  They are great for any occasion whether it’s going to school, the mall, or just hanging out with friends.  A brown smoky eye is the way to go.  Nature inspired eye makeup is also In for Fall.  Browns, dark greens, and subtle reds and oranges.  Oh and ladies, do nawt forget to use chap stick or lip moisturizer before slicking on your lipgloss or lipstick.  I promise you your luscious lips will appreciate it in the long run when they aren’t dry and cracked from the crisp, Autumn breeze.  But just in case, here’s a really easy and simple lip scrub that will help keep those lips pretty, healthy, and smooth:

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 teaspoon honey

2 teaspoons sugar

Mix the olive oil, honey, and sugar together in a small dish until it becomes a thick paste.  Coat your lips with it and let it sit for a few minutes.  After a few minutes, gently wipe off the scrub and dead skin with a wet towel.  Immediately after all of the scrub is wiped off, apply either vaseline or lip balm to moisturize your lips.  Hope this helps!

Oh! I almost forget! If you have a twitter, be sure to tweet the “#MyOctoberWish” tweet.  I already did mine (on both my real life and RP accounts).  If you want, comment yours below, I’d love to read them.

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Now to announce our September Polyvore Contest winner!  And the winner is….Massiekurpcalpha!  Congratulations, chica!

We are having another polyvore contest for October!  The theme is fall fashion, so make an outfit that would be perfect for fall. Good Luck!

A Summer You’ll Never Forget

Hey lovely alphas!

It’s XOXOAliciaHeartsYou here!  Now I know I was surprised myself to see that it’s already August.  It feels like summer has gone so quickly, and I’m sure the other girls are feeling the same way.  Well I’m here to tell you that the rest of August (or however long you have left until school starts) can be more than enough time to do anything this summer that you haven’t done yet.

I still haven’t checked everything off of my Summer2k12 bucket list yet.  If any of you lovelies made one and haven’t finished either, go finish it!  It makes the days more fun and you’ll definitely feel accomplished knowing that you were able to do everything that you wanted to do.  If you didn’t make one, do something that you have always wanted to do during the summer.  For me, I’ve always wanted to tape painted-filled balloons to a huge canvas and throw darts at it to make a ‘random masterpiece’.  I had a lot of fun doing it, and I think I would’ve regretted not doing that if I hadn’t done it before school starts.

Here’s my bucket list (I think I forgot a few…) :

[√ ]Ride a few roller coasters

[√]Order from Chipotle in Spanish (I got my tacos for free for doing this! haha)

[ ]Dip-dye my hair

[√ ]Have Sundae Sundays for an entire month

[ ]Learn the song Disaster by JoJo on guitar

[√ ]Get a job interview

[ √]Learn to talk with a British accent and have it sound good

[ √]Tape paint-filled balloons to a canvas and throw darts at it

[ ]Go camping in my backyard

[ √]Go to the state fair

[ ]Draw an infinity-heart on my wrist with sharpie

[√ ]Have a silly string fight with friends

[ ]Buy water guns for Senior Tag

When you look back at the things that have happened this summer, you should feel good and be able to smile about them.  Family vacations, parties, pools, shopping with friends…all of the memories.  No regrets.  It should be a summer that you’ll never forget.

So now it’s your turn to go do anything before summer’s over.  Always wanted to talk to that guy you’ve been eyeing? Talk to him.  Didn’t have time to throw that party? Do it.  Don’t let the thought of school starting soon get in the way, but make sure you are prepared when school does start.

Don’t forget to enter our Polyvore Contest on our “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall” Page! You’ll get shout out’s on all of our blogs and your Polyvore set displayed for everyone to admire! Make it summer-y and get it to us before August 31st 🙂

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“The Help Hotline!”

From Molly: Hi girls! I am in need of help! I am going to an end of summer party next week, and I need something new to wear! Most of my friends are wearing sundresses with sandals. I want to wear that too, but I don’t have a ton of money to buy something expensive! Any ideas…?

Hey Molly, it’s XOXOAHY here.  If you want to wear a sundress like your friends and only have a little bit of money to get one, I know Kohl’s and Target has some really cute ones that aren’t expensive at all.  You could also try Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, or any department store. There are so many places to get cute sundresses and sandals without having to spend a lot on them.  And if you don’t want to have to buy something completely new, you could always create a “new to you” outfit right from your closet by wearing cute clothes that you normally wouldn’t pair together.  Hope I helped! (: