Winter Bucket List 2013

Hello beautiful bloggers! It’s yours truly, ARHY!

Today’s post is going to be short and simple. Winter will be ending before we know it. Most people get down in the dumps during these cold months. There’s a greater chance that you’ll get depressed so keep busy! Don’t do the basics and stick to the mall or movies. Be creative! That’s why I’ve created the Winter Bucket List 2013! I hope this inspires you to try some of these out!

► Go skiing/snowboarding at night

► Have a giant snowball fight

► Catch snowflakes on your tongue

► Make paper snowflakes and decorate your house with them

► Have a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup

►  Snowshoe

► Go in a hot tub that’s outside

► Spend a day by the fire

► Cuddle with someone all day

► Take a steamy bubble bath

► Finish a book in an afternoon

► Complete a jigsaw puzzle

► Go “ice-skating” in fuzzy socks on a slippery floor

► Donate old coats and boots

► Have a giant slumber party

► Go to a local hockey game

► Volunteer at a soup kitchen

► Throw a Super Bowl party


Enjoy the rest of Winter!

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Fall/Winter Beauty Tips!

Hey girlies!

It’s ARHY or AliciaRiveraHeartsYou here!

This Fall and Winter, we all need to look and feel our best. Here are some beauty tips!

    1. Be a Natural Brow Beauty

Don’t go all tweezer-happy—full brows are more flattering. Tweeze strays where necessary, then fill in your brows with a pencil one shade lighter than your natural brow color. This creates a softer, more natural effect—using the same shade can look harsh.


    2. Paint Your Nails Olive

   Military green on your nails? The shade surprisingly flatters all skin tones and pops against the fashion colors that are hot now—like plum and navy.

 3. Free Your Inner Redhead

This one’s for the wannabe Dylan’s! The color red looks good with all skin tones. It warms up the face giving you a nice glow! No wonder celebs like Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson have recently experimented with going red.

4. Soften Your Skin With Oil

Heavy creams aren’t the only way to hydrate when the weather, and your skin, get dry. Facial oils are just as moisturizing, and sink in quicker—meaning you don’t have to wait long to apply makeup. This is crucial for the cold weather.

5. Post Summer Facial

Chlorine water, salt water, sand, and sweat, take their toll on your complexion no matter how diligent you were with cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. To get your face in top form for the cold weather, I suggest getting a facial to transition your skin into a new season.

I hope you guys enjoy these tips! Have a beautiful and healthy Fall and Winter!

xo, ARHY