The Alpha’s Guide to Black Friday

Hola mis amigas!

XOXOAHY or XOXOAliciaHeartsYou here!

So Thanksgiving is coming up for those of us in the States.  Which means Black Friday is also coming up.  All of those sales are great, because that just means you can buy more gifts for friends and family for the holidays that December brings.

I always use Black Friday as the first day of the gift giving season.  It’s the first day that I start buying gifts for people.  But sometimes thinking of gift ideas isn’t too easy.  So I’m here to help give all of you a few gift ideas for different people.

First up: Parents.

Generally, parents are the easiest to figure out gifts for.  Or at least my parents are the easiest for me to buy something for.  A lot of parents just love to get homemade things as presents…cards, coupons for help around the house, poem books, etc.  Others would rather have something from a store.  Some ideas for moms are: cute necklaces or bracelets, watches, flowers, or something that has a meaning behind it.  Ideas for dads include: CD’s that he wanted, DVD’s, a trip to the golf course(if he likes golf), or other things similar to these.

Next up: Best Friends.

If you know your best friends well, then you usually know what to get them.  But if you’re stuck, here’s a few ideas:

                • Makeup
                • Favourite books (clique books! LOL)
                • Nail polish
                • Starbucks giftcards (I have about 10 from so many friends)
                • Jewelry

Or if you and your bestie share a few inside jokes, use those as the inspiration for their gift.  Like, for example, my friend Kaylyn is secretly obsessed with Snoopy and Charlie Brown characters.  So for her Christmas present last year, I got her a set of 4 Snoopy and Charlie Brown drinking mugs.  She laughed so hard when she saw them because I was the only one who knew she was obsessed with those characters.

Last but not least: Boys.

In my past experiences, guys are the hardest people for me to come up with gift ideas for.  But I’ve figured out that it honestly just depends on the guy.  If he likes movies, put together a gift set that has one or two movies, a small box of popcorn, and a box of candy.  I’m sure he’ll love it.  If he likes a specific sport or sports team, you could maybe get him something that has to do with that sport or team, like tickets to a game.  CD’s, concert tickets, and gift cards always work, too.  If he’s a special guy, like a boyfriend or even just an incredibly close friend, you could find a small picture of the two of you and put it in a small picture frame for him.

I really hope I helped you get an idea or two if you were stuck on what to get people.  If you need any more ideas, don’t be afraid to email me or comment on this post.

Heart you!, XOXOAHY


3 thoughts on “The Alpha’s Guide to Black Friday

  1. Hey XOXOAHY,
    OMG, I seriously can’t thank you enough for this. I’ve already begun my Christmas shopping for my family and friends, and I desperately need some ideas for gifts. So thanks a lot! XD

  2. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Very helpful tips, I can’t wait to go out shopping next and stock up on Christmas presents for everyone. I love this time of the year!
    Want to know all about the current Blogger Of The Month, LovelyMassieBlock? If so, be sure to check out my ♚Joyous Jane post!
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

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