Dial A For Alpha.

Welcome Alphas!

You all are viewing this blog because you heart The Clique and love to role-play. Dial A for Alpha is a twist on the original role-play blog, it’s completely dedicated to advice. The five girls who run it will simply blog about all of the things they are currently hearting, answer questions, report trends, and improve the WordPress community. While we all own our own blogs individually, we wanted a place where we could combine all of our ideas as well as listen to some of yours.

We will post a couple times a week and our most important goal is hearing some of the things you are liking or need advice on. That’s what our “The Help Hotline!” page is for. Feel free to ask questions there or even submit an idea for an upcoming post. We will always address all of the questions or suggestions so this blog is completely dedicated to the Alphas of WordPress; You!

Take a moment to look at our pages, enter our Polyvore contest, and get to know our blog better! Our next post will be completely dedicated to the end of Summer because I’m sure we are all so sad it will be ending soon. Also, our first Polyvore contest will end on September 1st so get your entries in!

Keep on Alpha-ing♥


2 thoughts on “Dial A For Alpha.

  1. Cool 🙂 Very excited<3
    Would you mine if I wrote from like a narrators point of view like you do? Like the real Clique books? Or would you rather keep it as "your thing." 😉 Wanted to ask you, with all this copy-cat stuff going on.
    Can't wait to see this blawg grow!

    • Hey, Thank you! No feel free to write that way, the only thing that is copyrighted with my writing is the picture images I put in my posts with the dates, times, and location. Feel free to write in a Lisi style, most WP bloggers do 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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